Thursday, May 8, 2014

AGL Session IX

We finished up our last in-country session of AGL in Athens last week. It is exciting to prepare for India, but I am going to miss spending time with this group every other month or so. We had the opportunity to break into small groups and write out our fears, questions, concerns, etc. regarding our trip and over the week most of those were answered. We found out we are traveling to Delhi, Varanasi, Khajuraho, Orcha, Jhansi, Agra, and Jaipur. I am eager to start my research and find out more about those particular areas.

Because this is the international portion of our tenure in our program, our speakers focused on international agriculture and the world-wide effects it has. We learned about micro- and macro-economic effects on farmers’ income and how agriculture can affect poverty levels, nutritional levels, education, and many other things. We also learned about international trade and Indian culture.
We also heard about diversity and how it doesn’t simply pertain to race, but also to religion, gender, sexuality, economic standing, security, and many other things.
Because the majority of our sessions were inside, I don’t have many photos to share with the exception of the third day. On Wednesday, our group met in the Champion’s Club at Sanford Stadium to learn about the turf grass industry and its impact on our state. Georgia is home to some of the foremost turf grass experts in the world. Turf developed at the University of Georgia is on sports fields including the World’s Cup field in South Africa.
After lunch, we toured Sanford Stadium, home of the Georgia Bulldogs football team and learned about the complexities of sports turf management. The team there uses over 130 gallons of paint per football game getting it ready for game day. It was amazing to be in the center of Sanford Stadium on the big G on the 50 yard line. Of course this country girl had to kick off her shoes and stand barefoot there for a minute to get the whole experience.
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We wrapped up our last session getting the required immunizations and medicines for our international trip. I can’t wait for June 29!

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