Friday, May 30, 2014

Wyatt Cook: Country Boy

I think one of the single best things we could have done for Wyatt was moving out to the country. I loved living in town when I grew up but Wy is such an explorer and all boy. There are so many opportunities for him to find fun and learn about the outdoors. Lately, he has found a turtle shell that we cleaned up and shellac-ed:
Played on the road equipment they’re using to fix our dirt road:
Stopped to smell the roses (literally):
Dug in the dirt with May and June and played in the creek with them:
IMG_7199 IMG_7205
And has been an all-around ham. This dirty face picture is one my sister Sami snapped of him the other day.
He has a pair of cheap aviators we picked up at some dollar store. He came into the kitchen the other day and told me to take his picture because he looks like Eric Church (the country singer).
I love this picture. I came across this little garden snail when we were outside and promptly got down on my belly to get a close-up of it. I called Wyatt over to see it and he didn’t know what I was pointing at and accidentally stepped on it. I hate that he missed seeing it!

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