Friday, May 16, 2014

Wide-open Weekend

Last weekend was non-stop busy and fun. I started out on Friday with Sami and Wyatt at the local splash pad. This is such a great asset for Ashburn and Turner County. Wyatt tackled the climbing wall for the first time and did great too!
IMG_7081 IMG_7095
Wyatt spent time Saturday morning playing in the new sand box while Justin laid the new camper flooring. Jake even managed to bury Wyatt.
IMG_7128 IMG_7136
Justin and I bought this adorable bird feeder at—where else?—our favorite local thrift store. It was $6. I got it filled up and Justin hung it up on our pergola. I can’t wait to see if the birds like it.
Wyatt managed to grab up all three kittens and asked me to snap a quick picture.
While we took the camper to Justin’s parents’ house to finish up the detail work on the floor, Justin and his daddy made me this awesome blanket ladder. I have been looking for an old beat up wooden ladder to hang our throw blankets on and haven’t found exactly what I’m looking for. They made this one and all that’s left for me to do is paint it and distress it a bit. It is perfect!
IMG_7145 IMG_7148
We visited both of our mamas on Mother’s Day and finished up the weekend swimming at Mama and Daddy’s house.
IMG_7178 IMG_7180
Somewhere amidst the chaos, I managed to wash my new bright skirt with our bath towels and completely ruined two {formerly} white towels, Justin’s khakis, and one of Wyatt’s polo shirts. That sucked.

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