Friday, May 9, 2014

May randoms

I got these funky straw glasses at the Junkman’s Daughter’s Brother in Athens for Wyatt. He is pretty impressed with them.
Our neighbor, Mrs. Sara is so sweet and loves Wyatt. She was going to miss his birthday party for her class reunion so she made a special trip to drop off his birthday present a few days early. He got a gun with suction cup bullets and an adorable t-shirt. Of course Justin and Wyatt pretended to shoot each other. Justin stuck this one on Wy’s head and had him tell me he got shot.
Our baby birds in the garage have hatched. They sure are a noisy bunch!
I got this adorable Vera Brag in the black and white Night and Day print for only $1 at a yard sale. I brightened it up with a quick wash in the washing machine after I took the cardboard insert out.
My amaryllis is finally blooming.
Animals of all kinds love climbing up in this funky tree in our yard!
IMG_6926 IMG_6931

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