Tuesday, November 17, 2015

September Yard Work

Yes, I know it’s mid-November but I have been just so busy with everything else that I have neglected this blog for over two months.
Back in September, Justin and I both took an entire week off of work to do some much needed improvements. We were able to rip out these massive overgrown azaleas. I like azaleas—for the two weeks a year they bloom. Otherwise, they are just a nuisance and get in my way.
We also cleared out this ivy ground cover and bushy jasmine around our pergola. We planted plugs of St. Augustine grass from our lawn. I hope this will be a nice squishy place for our kids to play instead of the snake-ridden (my worst fear!) no-man’s land it used to be.
We also burned off the garden and prepared it for the winter crops. We eventually planted collards, greens, broccoli, cabbage, and some sugar cane.
IMG_1070 IMG_2071
IMG_2075 IMG_2154

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