Saturday, November 28, 2015

October Randoms

The Ashburn Women’s Club hosted our annual 5K the first weekend in October. This year we dedicated the race (and the proceeds) to a young girl in our community named Macy Ray. She is suffering from nephrotic syndrome, a condition that affects her kidneys pretty harshly. She has the best attitude. Macy Ray participated in the 1 mile fun run and handed out medals to all of the winners. I am proud of such a fun group of women that support our community!
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Justin and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. We went to Mikata’s in Albany for a little hibachi grilled goodness. I am so glad we have had the change to grow up together and make our lives together!
On a work trip, my friend Katy asked me to meet up with her in Newnan. I love this girl to death and don’t get to see her nearly enough so I jumped at the opportunity. On the way from where I was staying to Newnan, I went right through Senoia where The Walking Dead is filmed. Of course, I had to swing through town and see what was going on. Fortunately or unfortunately, there was filming going on so they had a lot of side streets blocked off. I think it was cool to be right there in the area during filming even if I didn’t get to see any of the action.
Wyatt dressed up for spirit day at the pre-k with his new t-shirt and eye blacks. He was so cute!
Justin managed to get a hay bale again from Uncle Glynn and we decorated it to look like a jack o’lantern. We got smart this time and bought the 2X coverage paint from Rustoleum. The colors were much more vivid and we didn’t use as much paint as last year.
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Wyatt and I got to go to our friends’ Becky and Joey’s house for their gender reveal party. Becky is due in March and we got to find out that they’re having a little buck (boy) named Caleb. I remember just like yesterday when we went to find out that Eliza was a girl. Time sure flies!
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October was a special time because it was Papa Theron’s birthday. Amanda put out a birthday balloon and the kids had laid out brightly colored glass stones. Wyatt wanted to go to the cemetary to see it so I took him. He sat down and spelled out “Wy” with the stones. It touches me how much he still loves and remembers a man that passed away two years ago. I love that he understands that PawPaw is in heaven but that he still has a connection to him. It is a precious thing to understand through they eyes of a child. As we were leaving he looked up to the sky and said, “Happy birthday, PawPaw,” and then he turned to me and said, “I knew he could hear me ‘cuz he’s in heaven.”
I’ve been so lucky to have such amazing coworkers. I get to travel with Beth a good bit because our territories overlap a bit. We traveled to Clinch County’s economic development day and enjoyed amazing Georgia Grown products like honey, jams, and this fabulous cheese from Sweetgrass Dairy. It’s a wonderful thing to love your job and the folks you work with!
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Mama bought these amazing cutting boards from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. She made this vinyl design and I cut one out for my kitchen. It looks gold here, but it’s actually bronze. I think more than one person might get these for Christmas this year!

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