Thursday, November 19, 2015

September Randoms

September was very busy! We had lots going on but managed to squeeze in plenty of fun stuff with work and other obligations. Mama, Sami, Wyatt, and I attended a paint party. We had a great time although I will probably only do these on nights when Wy can go with someone else. He was quite a handful!
At the Governor’s Tourism Conference in Savannah, the Georgia Grown Trail 37 was recognized for a tourism award. I nominated this group not because I was a part of it, but because I am incredibly proud of the hard work the chamber officials and agritourism companies have put in together with all of the other partners!
IMG_1028 IMG_1044
Look at this ragged crew! We had a cookout at Jonathan’s house. He even had little water games and tons of water guns for the kids to play with.
Justin and Wyatt managed to get a little dove hunting in. I love to see my boys enjoying the outdoors together. I don’t particularly appreciate the need for recreational hunting—it isn’t something I was raised with, but Justin loves it and it gives them something special to do together.
IMG_1264 IMG_1265
We bought a trampoline and Wyatt loves bouncing around. We even got the kittens and May up on it.
Wacky Hair Night at AWANA. Wyatt loved having bright orange hair. You can’t see it but he also had a ton of glitter in his hair—and on everything else in our house!
We have always had Doc Bunny in the chicken coop. She loves bounding around in there. She eats with the chickens, digs burrows to cool down with them, everything! I was surprised when I looked in the coop one day and saw a kitten in there too!
One Saturday while Justin was working, Wyatt and I headed to Tifton for La Fiesta Del Pueblo. We enjoyed the day eating authentic Mexican dishes (and snow cones too!), riding the train, and watching the singers and dancers.
IMG_2172 IMG_2175
Country girl that I am, I keep a pair of mud boots in my car for moments just like this. I saw these gorgeous yellow flowers in the ditch bank on a dirt road by our house, put the car into park, and slung my mud boots on to climb into the ditch and get this shot. Wyatt thought it was hilarious to see his mama in her dress from work with mud boots climbing around in the muddy ditch.
We had some extra turkey one day and Justin decided to make some turkey sausage. It smelled amazing while we were making it and it was even better when we cooked it and finally got to taste it!
IMG_2256 IMG_2258

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