Saturday, September 5, 2015

August Randoms

So far Wyatt has gotten pecked twice by my favorite rooster. He insists that I kill it and that we eat it so Justin and I are trying to get him to be braver and show them he has authority over them. Crazy kid!


I think it’s funny to see the size difference in Wyatt and Pax. They are three years apart and only have an 8 pound weight difference.

  3_years_difference_in_age_and_only_8_lbs_difference._But_big_cousin_loves_his_little_cousin_-_you_should_have_seen_him_doting_on_him_tonight_ IMG_0650

My cousin Tara, her husband Steve, and their boys stopped by on their way to and from Orlando and their awesome Universal Studios vacation. Tara lived with us when I was little so she’s the closest thing I have to a big sister. We had a blast catching up!

Southern_Cousins Thankful_my_cousins_stopped_in_for_a_visit.

Sami got an awesome prism for photos. I am interested in seeing what photographic magic she comes up with!


Remember that bow range we have in our front yard courtesy of Justin’s birthday gifts? Wyatt loves shooting his toy bow and being just like his daddy!


We had two volunteer sunflowers that popped up from last year’s crop. It made me remember how much I enjoyed them last year. I will definitely replant next year!


I helped one day can peanuts for Turner County Young Farmers. These babies are the caviar of the south and are so good!

IMG_0378 IMG_0375 

One of my clients from work makes a very delicious pimento cheese called Proper Pepper Pimento Cheese. The Get Back Jack! is my favorite. It has just enough of a kick. Thanks to Deana’s recommendation, I love them on ginger snaps now!


This evil bugger sat perfectly still for me to snap his picture and then promptly jumped onto my head. I think I lost at least a month of my life with that scare!


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