Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Wrapping up November

Thanksgiving was a lot of running around and TONS of eating as usual this year. Wyatt liked helping cook I think.
I made this yummy pecan pie with local folks’ pecans and Justin walked out Thanksgiving morning and picked greens right out of the garden to cook up for that afternoon. I think we’re going to do an entire made-by-us Thanksgiving as soon as we can get our chicken and turkey pen set up. I think it would be really cool to have grown or raised our entire meal. Except cranberry sauce; I’ve never seen cranberries in Georgia but I won’t budge on that one!
Justin pulled the gas insert out of our fireplace and we discovered the hearth is HUGE! The chimney sweep came out and inspected it and gave us the go ahead to use it to burn wood in and we had our first fire of the season. It’s so cozy!
Sami and I took Wyatt to the Macon Centreplex to ice skate. That was a disaster. I don’t think the rental skates are very nice so it was hard to lace them up tightly so after one lap around our feet were killing us! Wyatt said he didn’t like it and so we just gave up. It certainly wasn’t as easier as it was in high school and trying to keep Wyatt from falling was tough!
On our way back from Macon, we checked out a few antique stores. I got this perfect Georgia souvenir plate for my gallery wall. The gallery wall that isn’t even up yet. Amanda, Sami, and I are going to work on that soon.
I repurposed our old broken mailbox we stored in the garage (just in case we might need it…) into a Santa mailbox. I just gave it a fresh coat of oil rubbed bronze paint and wrote on it with a chalk marker. I have intentions of sitting down with Wyatt and writing out his letter to Santa soon.
Wyatt has not one but TWO rugs with roads on them made specifically for this purpose but he prefers the giant piece of cardboard I drew on to push his tractors and cars around on.
This one is a game-changer. I am sick and tired of chasing down random canning rings that we reuse from our canned foods. I might have seen it on Pinterest or it might have come to me out of the blue (I honestly can’t remember seeing it on Pinterest but others have). Repurposing an old paper towel roll holder is a great idea!

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