Friday, December 12, 2014

Oh Christmas Tree!

Every year, Justin insists we don’t get our Christmas tree until at least December 1. Christmas creep is real and some folks were putting their trees up the second week of November. Not the Cooks. We usually stick firm to the December 1 date, although last year we did budge a day early and got ours on November 30. We went out to the Brumby and White Christmas Tree Farm in Chula and picked out a beautiful Fraser Fir. I am all about Georgia Grown products, but I prefer these delicious smelling North Carolina trees every time. The climate in Georgia isn’t quite right for them to grow here.
Wyatt even got to pick out his own little tree for his room. His favorite part is riding in the back of the truck as Justin drives back to the tree shaker and wrapper.
IMG_4226 IMG_4240 
We decorated Wyatt’s little tree first. He got a lot of airplane ornaments from his grandma so it made sense to add a Dusty Crophopper to the top to serve as a topper.
Wyatt has very strong opinions about what he wants to wear and I usually am okay with that. He refused to put his pants on so we got some very memorable photos of him with his tighty whities, black socks, and antler headband on!
 IMG_4307  IMG_4321
Our tree was much bigger and fuller than we were expecting! We blocked off a hallway door to the living room (since we can just go through the man cave) and almost blocked the entry to the front foyer too! We tried something a little different this year. We put the tree stand into a galvanized bucket instead of using a tree skirt. It’s more of our style and makes watering the tree a lot easier—I don’t have to worry about dripping water all over the gifts when I water the tree.
We are suckers for all white lights and 30+ years of homemade and store bought ornaments too. I love this time of year!

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