Tuesday, December 30, 2014

UGA Masters Graduation

I (FINALLY!) graduated from UGA on December 19. It was a whirlwind day.
We headed up to Athens first thing that morning and had lunch with a family friend that just moved up there at DePalma’s. It was a delicious Italian meal and it was really nice to catch up with Mrs. Gloria. We head over to Stegman Coliseum and I lined up with my fellow graduates. Interestingly enough, I was the only person there graduating with a Masters in Agricultural Leadership. I am thankful Sami was there to capture some awesome shots.
 IMG_5029 IMG_5034 IMG_5026
After graduation, I had all intentions of getting my photos done at the UGA arch but the line was wrapped around the block and Mama and Daddy had to get back to Ashburn. Justin, Wyatt, and I went through Atlanta to meet up with a friend and we finally made it home around 10:30 that night.
I am so thankful for three supportive bosses who encouraged me to go back and get my degree, allowed me time off from work and graduation, and encouragement along the way. I couldn’t have done it without Justin’s support or our parents’ support every weeknight they kept Wyatt for me to be in class or work on my thesis. I have made several great friends through this program and I’m still not finished. Although my degree work is technically over, my major professor and colleague is getting me prepared to publish my work in professional journals and preparing it for popular press. I focused my research on agritourism in Georgia (admittedly because of my career and involvement with the industry) and hope that it will be helpful to grow agritourism in Georgia.
We finished up the ceremony changing “GOOOOO DAWGS! SIC ‘EM!” and a big streamer cannon. Whoo hoo! I did it!

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