Saturday, November 1, 2014

Fall Family Pictures

I am one thousand times grateful that my sister, Sami, is a photographer! She manages to capture the best images of us! I had an idea while visiting a client last fall. I wanted to take our family pictures in their olive orchards. The Shaws in Lakeland have been friends for five years now. Did you know olives grow in Georgia? They do and the Shaws had the first commercial crop of olives for oil east of the Mississippi since the 1800s. Georgia Olive Farms olive oil is some of the best you will ever put in your mouth and I’m not even saying that because I like the family. It’s just that good!
They have a beautiful olive orchard and there is the prettiest cotton field with two huge live oaks dripping in Spanish moss out behind it. They were so gracious to let us take our pictures out there.
I am glad Sami, Justin, and Wyatt had the patience for driving almost an hour and a half to take the photos but they were SO worth it!
Wyatt was so good, smiling every time we asked when he was promised Smarties in return. He even made a few silly faces for the camera! Justin said he looks like a little thrown away child from the Great Depression in this picture.
Wyatt was amazed to see the olives on the trees. He wasn’t very impressed when he realized these olives were for oil, not to be eaten!

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