Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Busy but uneventful

November has been very busy for our little family with no major events. We are overwhelmed with work activity but it’s a good thing to be busy.
IMG_3387 IMG_3392 
One of my favorite things we did this month is get Mastrario grandboys photos of Liam, Wyatt, and Pax. I love taking pictures of Sami taking pictures. It tells the back story of the hard work she does to capture these awesome images for us. It might be hard to see, but check out how she works the camera with one hand and wiggles Pax’s baby toy in the other to get his attention. I love it!
Justin dug up a really cool old bottle out of our woods the other day. I cleaned it up and did a little photo session. It was made in Tifton, Georgia! I really hope to get my hands on a Coca-Cola bottle from right here in Ashburn someday.
IMG_3495 IMG_3496 
I broke down and bought the Waterlogue app. I think it’s really neat! I want to make a gallery wall featuring all things Georgia and my home town. I think I might incorporate a small collage frame of our houses and some famous local spots for my gallery wall.
IMG_3498 IMG_3504
I found this cute little wreath on Pinterest courtesy of Women’s Day magazine. I did mine a little different but overall I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I am a 30 minute or less crafter and these only took about 20. It’s not perfect but it was a fun distraction.
It’s pecan season in South Georgia. Mama, Wyatt, and I picked up this entire bucket full in about 15 minutes the other day at Mama’s house. I will have to go back out there to get some more, but I’m thinking they are sure going to be tasty in my pecan pie at Thanksgiving!

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