Wednesday, November 26, 2014

AWC Scavenger Hunt

Last weekend Justin, Wyatt, and I participated in the Ashburn Women’s Club scavenger hunt. It was so fun! We got double points for posting our pictures to Facebook so the AWC could share the pictures, but I think some of my out-of-town friends might have thought I was nuts! We raised money to feed four families for Thanksgiving and some of the items we had to find were food items to be added to the baskets. I love that we can have fun as a family and help others out at the same time.
Pic of two team members with same birthday month
Pic of two team members in same shirt at an exit sign
Pic with a Waffle House server
Pic with a police officer
Pic of team member with grandparent
Pic of team with dessert complete with lit birthday candle
Pic of team spelling out AWC
Pic of team with cow (That’s the big cow statue at Dairy Queen at Exit 84 on I-75!)
This one was my favorite! The street where we turned in our items is not very traveled so we let Wy ride his bike in the middle of the road. I forgot his helmet so we couldn’t let him ride; I have an irrational (or completely rational?) fear of head injuries.

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