Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween 2014

Halloween 2014 was looking kinda bleak for a while there. We moved out to the country last November and before that, our house in town was home base for our families on Halloween night. We would cook some food and everyone would come into town to trick or treat and pass out candy. Thankfully Suzi and David moved last month to Ashburn, so we were all able to once again have a gathering place.

Wyatt started the festivities off in grand fashion consuming crazy amounts of junk at his school party.
My little cutie was a shark this year. As much as I love Halloween, I never seem to get on the ball and order him a great and wonderful costume online. We were at Walmart a few weeks ago and literally the only costume in the store that would fit him was a shark. Thankfully, he was very excited about it! The only problem was that he had to keep pulling on it to keep his vision clear.
Justin was a rock star and made our wagon look very nice by hanging pumpkins and gourds on the railings he added last week. He filled the wagon up with hay bales and loaded up our radio for a spooky soundtrack.

We started out the night at First Baptist for Trunks of Treats. This is so neat. Uncle Jonathan had Gael’s t-rex set up munching on treats.
Here is our crew (minus Michael). Both sets of our parents were out of town. They missed out on a wagon load of fun (literally!).
Our last stop of the night was at Uncle Glynn and Aunt Faye’s house. They had a goody bag full of candy and pencils and an Atlanta Braves bobble head doll for Wyatt. Poor Wy was so worn out he promptly sacked out as soon as we got in the door.

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