Monday, October 13, 2014

Fall Decorating

This past summer, Justin and I found an old peanut wagon for sale by a former school mate of mine. I instantly knew I wanted it to decorate for the fall! Justin went and checked it out and realized it would come in handy around the house and he got it.
He can haul it with the truck, tractor, and even the four wheeler. He used it about a month ago to haul folks around the dove field during a hunt. Last week, we loaded up on the wagon and drove down to Uncle Glynn and Aunt Faye’s house to pick up a round hay bale. Wyatt and Uncle Glynn set off in his tractor with the hay fork to retrieve it for us. He even gave us four rectangular bales!
We had a blast painting and decorating! Justin did all of the details for the face and I mostly spray painted the wide open areas that didn’t take skill.
We decided to spray paint our bottleneck gourds that had dried to give them a pop of color. We let Wyatt paint and he got so much on them they probably took days to dry. I enjoyed this way better than painting pumpkins!
In fact, we were able to score several artificial pumpkins at Rite Aid on a 50% off fall d├ęcor sale. That made them cheaper than real pumpkins and I’ll be able to use them from year to year.
Justin dragged up an old piece of corrugated metal and scrawled out “Happy Fall Y’all” on it. Thank goodness he did. My initial attempt was terrible!
Probably the most hilarious part of the night was trying to capture some family shots in front of our handiwork with the various animals. May is getting better at sitting still. We probably took over 100 iPhone selfies (“groupies” as my SIL calls them) before we got some semi-decent ones. I had a blast and I hope this is a family tradition we repeat for many years to come!


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