Saturday, October 11, 2014

A Wedding on our Anniversary

Last weekend, Justin and Wyatt were in the wedding of our friends Lea and Jared. Wyatt did a great job!
IMG_2202 IMG_2199
Six years before, Justin and I were saying our wedding vows too! I had COMPLETELY forgotten it was even our anniversary. I KNEW it was our anniversary but I suppose I was so wrapped up in the 5K run and Justin and Wyatt were tied up with wedding events that I didn’t really even process it until that day when Justin walked in with the sweetest card ever. I promptly broke down into tears, admitting I had forgotten and basically feeling cruddy. We have never been big into celebrating things like that but at least Justin bought me a card.
It was a beautiful ceremony and the location was stunning on the banks of the Flint River. Sweet bride Lea even made it a point to find me and wish me happy anniversary. Justin had told them it was a good day to get married and hoped they were as happy as we are!
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