Friday, September 26, 2014

Loving Work

Somehow I managed to secure what I like to think of as the best job in the world. Well, at least one your get paid for of course! I get to work with great folks, cool companies, and right here in my favorite state—Georgia! Folks seem to like to hear about my job and see the things I get to see on social media. I’m glad to share how awesome Georgia agriculture is to them!
I was able to bring Wyatt with me to our Georgia Grown Farmers Market Showcase in Moultrie. I don’t know who sent me good juju or prayed really hard or what, but I tell you Wyatt was almost 100% pure angel. He had a big bag full of toys to keep him occupied, he had snacks and way too much Coke, and he was able to be entertained chasing down the bean bags for the corn hole game. He was really proud of his new red Georgia Grown t-shirt and eventually changed into it. I think it made an impact on him. Every time we see a product in the grocery store with our Georgia Grown logo on it, he says, “Mama! I helped there!” Around 2:00, it was obvious he needed a nap. The rain had come and gone and things were wrapping up quickly so we called it a day. I’m glad he can see fun events like this and associate it with my job. I sometimes think Justin has the “fun” recognizable job—what little boy DOESN’T want to be a firefighter?
IMG_1531 IMG_1535
I toured a new grass-fed cattle, sheep, and goat operation that is hoping to ramp up its agritourism efforts. This is the neatest place and only a few miles from Mama and Daddy’s house!
I was able to tour Meriwether County and visit with some peach farmers and other diversified ag operations. We ate at the Blackbird CafĂ© in Woodbury (the real one—a certified zombie-free zone!) that had the coolest decorations. An entire section of wall was covered with old painted doors and they had really neat glass insulator lighting fixtures.
IMG_1730 IMG_1732
Meriwether County is also home to the longest and oldest covered bridge of its style. I can just imagine Sami would love to snap some photos here!
I also visited Cane River Vineyard and helped spread the massive list of Georgia Grown products we have gathered up. They want to carry Georgia products in their store right off the interstate in Byron.
Finally, at a Georgia Grown: 41 Trail Association meeting held at the Go Fish Education Center, we got a behind-the-scenes tour of the facility. If you haven’t been, you should really check it out. It’s really cheap ($5 for adults and FREE for kids under 12!!!) but if you can’t swing the entry fee, check out passes from your local library!
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