Friday, September 5, 2014

Pulling Down Honey

Monday morning, we headed out to Justin’s parent’s house where our honeybees reside to steal their summer’s toil. We were robbing honey for our own use.
I spotted this dragonfly on the day lily stems and couldn’t resist snapping a picture of its fancy iridescent body and translucent wings.
I was able to get a photo of Justin smoking and dusting the bees off the frames before I got stung. One of the bees got tangled up in my hair and stung me right at my hair line. It hurt like a beast and I immediately popped two Benadryl (even though they were years out of date).
I woke up Tuesday morning like this:
Sorry I know it’s gross, but apparently the venom from the honeybee traveled down my face and made my entire eye swell shut. I quickly made it to the family clinic in town and walked away with a prescription for steroids, prescription antihistamines, and fresh Benadryl that wasn’t out of date. I slept most of the rest of the day. I was better enough on Wednesday to be able to drive and head off to the Governor’s Tourism Conference in Augusta.
***Now back to the original programming***
With the exception of the  one of her scraping honey combs, Sami took all of these pictures. I shamelessly use her photographic genius for blog material with her gracious permission.
1559846_10152763649251929_79987244924520193_n 1966789_10152763648916929_856164258107603070_n
This is what the uncapped frames look like right out of the hive. The bees seal each compartment with beeswax.
We scraped, scraped, scraped. Usually pros use a hot uncapping knife and load their frames into a centrifuge but we haven’t become that high tech. We just scrape the cappings and honey into a colander. We let the honey drain out of the wax and into a giant Tupperware bowl.
10291122_10152763647826929_8911953946893375657_n 10341726_10152763648611929_392483911269988099_n
10402968_10152763648291929_6598256968758857164_n 10574448_10152763648316929_1556442790967841145_n
10620536_10152763647841929_8010401782962112752_n 10620738_10152763648906929_1161798887851126662_n
Our frames have plastic foundations to build their combs on. We stack the scraped frames up and put them out by the hives for the bees to clean off. They will clear every bit of honey out of the pots and frames in no time!
10645239_10152763647276929_2060499113442554513_n 10653466_10152763649606929_6788016458915591444_n
After that, we strained the honey a bit more. I like to get as much of the cappings and beeswax out of the way as possible.
10357825_10152763650501929_5799173572650351437_n 13607_10152763650451929_6535525225608695645_n 10580106_10152763650476929_7925647168588677834_n 
Amanda squeezed the cappings to get every last bit of honey out. I think she was just having fun making a mess too! Justin said eventually the honey will drain out of the cappings on its own.
10458459_10152763649346929_4971855651633470220_n  10649898_10152763649236929_7267732650570294127_n 10644918_10152763649706929_5066141932334358962_n 
Catching every last drop. It’s a messy business and we don’t want to lose any of that precious honey!
 10603560_10152763648701929_6820203456357497380_n 10620797_10152763649761929_1174236400729538971_n 10644875_10152763649936929_6459379193862845521_n
 10636045_10152763650276929_3250955091911041316_n 10606005_10152763649931929_4248292291888091667_n 10636249_10152763650016929_6529751716002057613_n  10666078_10152763650716929_6315836506417632850_n
While we were scraping the honey from the frames, Mrs. Desiree popped some biscuits into the oven. There’s nothing better than hot biscuits that have been rained down upon with fresh-from-the-hive honey!
10660309_10152763650996929_6264200393539893354_n 10606083_10152763650801929_4937114071882294653_n
After we finished scraping all of the honey, Sami snapped a few pictures of the kids and Mr. Sheldon digging sweet potatoes from the garden. Some of them were bigger than two hands!
10522475_10152763651491929_1042660059088526744_n 10556461_10152763652076929_1664074127964458806_n14975_10152763651436929_8130067421473125624_n
Later that afternoon, we had a cookout at my Mama and Daddy’s house. We wanted to get a picture of all three boys together and some with Mimi and Pop. This was probably Sami’s hardest session ever. Wyatt and Liam were being ornery and neither would smile on cue. Thankfully, she was able to get at least one good picture of the three of them—even if it took some considerable Photoshopping skills!

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