Monday, September 22, 2014

September Miscellany

At the start of this month, our town hosted the Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall. This 3/5 scale replica of the Vietnam Memorial Wall is brought to different parts of the country. It went beyond all expectations I had. Our community came together, with countless volunteers and sponsors, to bring this feature to our area to honor those that sacrificed their lives and fought for our country. It was a truly moving experience.
That same night, we drove up to the big peanut monument that many travelers might recognize from their drive on Interstate 75. I have been all over the country and when people tell me they’ve driven through Georgia, they always know where I mean when I tell them, “I’m from the town with the big peanut.” Justin remembers when his Daddy was in the Exchange Club and they helped renovate it many years ago. My dad’s leadership class helped get the gazebo built, but it is all in desperate need of repair. You can tell the points of the crown are supposed to be lit up but the entire thing needs to be re-wired. I believe I see a project coming on!
Wyatt started AWANA at church a few weeks ago. He is a Cubbie and is doing really well according to Ms. Mary and Ms. Marie. He learns a new Bible verse every week and is so proud to call folks and tell them what he’s learned. I’m thankful he is engaged and interested in learning about Christianity!
Riding down the dirt road with Justin the other day, I yelled, “STOP HERE!” I hopped out barefooted and snapped this picture of this beautiful red cow with the sun flare. I love it. The flare is a little overwhelming, but that’s practically how strong it is trying to drive down that road at the time.
We bottled up our honey after letting the “hive trash”—bits of beeswax, etc.—clear out of it. It is amazing to see and taste the difference in the dark and light honey and to know that these honeys came out of the same boxes!
This past weekend, my SIL Amanda told me about giant spiders that make their webs down the dirt road. Of course I just HAD to see them. She faced her ultimate fear and drove me down there, waited on the golf cart for me to get a stick, and didn’t even cry a tiny bit when I lifted it off its web and placed in on the dirt road to snap a few quick shots. They really are huge and have furry little leg warmer-esque legs.
Later in the day, Justin got out his (new-to-him) planter and fertilized the garden rows. He is busy planting our winter garden: collards, mustards, broccoli, spinach, and cabbage. I am a green vegetable fan so I am very excited about this harvest!
IMG_1903 IMG_1904

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