Monday, August 31, 2015

Chicken Update #5

The Cook Coop is overflowing with happy chickens, guineas, and Doc Bunny these days. We tried to let the guineas out in the yard but May’s cattle dog instincts proved too much for us to have free-roaming animals. She managed to nip out a few tail feathers before the guineas made their way back to the coop. Aren’t they pretty?!
IMG_0212 IMG_0211 
The roost is wildly successful. The chickens enjoy it so much that they sleep out there at night still.
Doc Bunny likes hanging out with the chickens. I snapped her pic here nuzzling up under one of our blue Maran hens.
We got the frizzle and sizzle chicks transferred to the big coop. They are small but mighty! They can take on a grown rooster any time!
IMG_0399 IMG_0445
I have been amazed at the variety of eggs we’re getting. I love seeing the colors, shapes, and size ranges we get. These make me smile every single day!
IMG_0325 IMG_0160 IMG_0465

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