Monday, August 24, 2015

Silhouette Projects

We have been making very good use of my Mama’s Silhouette machine lately. My favorite project was this candy jar for Uncle Glynn’s birthday. He is always plying Wyatt with sweet treats and loves Dum Dum suckers himself, so we loaded it up with tons of goodies.

I bought a new car after having my trusty Camry for 7 1/2 years! I bought my very first, less-than-100 miles on the odometer car and have been very happy with my RAV4. I jokingly say that I needed more room for all the junk in my trunk. Seriously I have a ton of work supplies, personal stuff, and estate sale/junking hauls to carry around. I had to dress it up with a new monogram and a Georgia Grown logo. I have had a monogram on my car for over 10 years now and I figured I better not break tradition. I went outside the box a bit and did my Georgia Grown logo in pink and green.
IMG_0231 IMG_0230
Finally, my friend Katy requested a monogram for her daughter Sadie. I bought this gorgeous sparkly heat transfer vinyl and went to town! I managed to find plain tees at Walmart in the men’s section in great summery colors for $2 each! We even made some with Sami’s photography logo. I am so excited to see how great they turned out!

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