Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Pickin’ and Junkin’

Junkin’ has been good for the Cooks lately!
I got this load of vintage Tupperware when a friend’s parents were preparing for a big move. I’m glad people know me as that “crazy Tupperware girl!.”
I stopped at an estate sale in Hawkinsville a few weeks ago and nearly cried when I found this: It’s a Tupperware ravioli press. I didn’t even know these existed and it’s made even better because it was in my favorite color—orange! Justin got me to make some homemade ravioli but I just couldn’t seem to get the dough consistency right. I did manage to make several and they were delicious!
IMG_0569 IMG_0606
I also got these two beautiful Pyrex bowls for my sister-in-law, a silver peanut for my desk at work, and these cute mason jar salt and pepper shakers at the same sale.
I found this amazing handmade triangular bowl at an estate sale. Since it was a Saturday, it was half off, meaning I only paid $2.50 for it. I can’t wait to see Sami use it as a photography prop for some squishy newborn session!
Wyatt and I went to Pickin’ Peanuts Marketplace and snagged up these old drawers for Sami’s studio too. She has her thank you cards and supplies stashed in them now.

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