Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wyatt’s PawPaw Tree

I mentioned in an earlier blog post how I love what I call “tulip trees.” It turns out they are actually Japanese magnolia trees. I have always wanted one in my yard since I first noticed them on the Georgia Southern campus when I was in college.
On the day of Mr. Theron’s visitation, Justin came inside and told me to come look in our front yard. There, seemingly overnight, a tree in our front yard was bursting with beautiful pink “tulip tree” blooms! Since we moved into our house in November, we didn’t know what kinds of trees and flowers we had.
On the morning of the funeral, I called my mama with tears in my eyes telling her about how God gives you exactly what you need when you need it. I needed to see those blossoms. I needed the reminder of the renewal spring brings and the hope for better things to come. Seeing those blooms gave me a little bit of comfort on such a hard day.
Mama said that she and Daddy wanted to get us something more permanent than flowers in memory of Mr. Theron and decided that a tulip tree was exactly what we needed. She said when it blooms every year around the same time, it would serve as a perfect reminder of him. They bought a tree for us and told Wyatt the story of how that would be his “PawPaw tree.”
Justin and I looked around for the best place to put it and decided that a spot in the front flower bed where another tree once stood would be the perfect place. Wyatt “helped” Justin plant it, and I just know that it will brighten up our yard for many years to come and serve as the perfect reminder of what we have lost and what great things each spring can bring.

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