Sunday, March 30, 2014

Quick photo session

Wyatt and I were visiting Mama and Daddy for supper one night and Sami mentioned that she wanted to go take some pictures of Wyatt in a field down the road. We had a good time, except when Wy was chasing Sami and knocked his nose on here camera. He’s fine, the camera’s fine…
I love snapping shots of Sami in action. She gets down on the ground, in the mud, on her belly, anything to get the shot. She leans over sideways and I think Wyatt is getting the idea of what to do. Sometimes to get him to cooperate with pictures, she lets him take some of her. She is brave to let him handle the camera (always with me inches away). I love how much he dips his head over to focus just like she does!
IMG_5509 IMG_5542
I snapped this one on my phone. I call it “Last Breath of a Dandelion” because 0.2 seconds later, Wyatt kicked it and it puffed everywhere. 
IMG_5544 IMG_5545
These are all of her pictures. I can’t get over how talented she is!
March_19__2014 (4)
March_19__2014 (3)
March_19__2014 March_19__2014 (1) March_19__2014 (2) March_19__2014 (5)

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