Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Marching on into spring

So far, our weather has been definitely temperamental in South Georgia this year. Saturday, the sun was shining and Wyatt and I spent most of the day outside. Justin had come down with the virus Wyatt and I had the week before and I was doing my best to keep Wyatt quiet for Justin to rest.
The girls definitely loved running around in the sun, splashing in the muddy ditches, and chasing Wyatt.
IMG_5126 IMG_5158
IMG_5157 IMG_5174
Because I was trying to keep Wyatt out of Justin’s hair, I fixed us a picnic and we carried it out to the front patio and ate our lunch in our old beat up rocking chairs, watching the dogs chase each other in the front yard.
This year, spring is coming like Christmas. We moved to our new house in November when everything was brown and ugly and now flowers are popping out everywhere. We have plants we didn’t even know we had. It seems like the daffodils appeared overnight and everything is making its way out into the world. I have a great story to tell about my “tulip trees” but that will be for another post.
IMG_5119 IMG_5156

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