Friday, March 28, 2014

Marching on Along

March has been very busy around the Cook house. Here is just a taste of what’s been going on. One sunshiney Saturday, Amanda, Desiree, and I started cleaning up at Grannie and Papa’s house. Amanda made the best little picnic for the kids and used an ironing board for a table. The kids got a real kick out of it.
Someone found an umbrella hat up there too. It’s going to be added to Justin’s fire clown wardrobe if it manages to fit over his big orange wig.
IMG_5260 IMG_5261
I love these two! They were happy and relaxed after a big dinner one night.
I made a few Pinterest projects too. It was time to make another batch of my homemade powdered laundry detergent. I use this recipe.
My nephew Jake rescued this old window frame. I just screwed some cup hooks on it and it makes a great key/sunglasses rack. I originally planned to fill the frames with pictures, but my SIL suggested chicken wire and using small clothes pins to attach mail, papers for school, etc. I will post a final picture when I decide which option I like best.
Wyatt said he was “just resting” on the dogs’ bed one afternoon when we were out working in the yard.
Justin made this awesome light from galvanized pipes and old power insulators. He is the best! I didn’t even know he was working on it and he just showed up one afternoon with it painted. It goes PERFECTLY on the sewing table I got from Justin’s Grannie’s sewing shop right behind my sofa.
Justin stopped by a yard sale one day and found this cute little red rocking chair for Wyatt for a steal—$5! It is neat with our two beat up rockers on our front patio. I need to brush off the old paint on ours and give them a new coat.
IMG_5599 IMG_5647

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