Saturday, March 8, 2014

Rounding out February

I ordered these adorable goodies from DDP Monograms and Gifts in Thomasville. I loved opening that package.
IMG_4786 IMG_4801 
Jake, Ben, and Rivers all spent the night with us for the first time and I really enjoyed having them. I set up the projector in the play room and they watched Planes and crashed soon afterward.
Rivers found the most wonderful variegated camellias in my back yard that I didn’t even know were there.
We went to Wyatt’s cousin Madison’s birthday party and he took a whack at his first piñata. I think he had a good time with that!
Sami snapped this wonderful picture of Liam and Wyatt at Mama and Daddy’s house. It is one of my favorites!
Uncle Roger stopped in on his way to drop off a semi in Tifton. I’m glad that he was able to visit with us, even for just a few hours.
On a rainy day {or any day for that matter}, you might come across some calves in the dirt road! These babies wouldn’t get out of my way for anything—horn honking, shouting, or flashing lights. Finally they got startled enough to get off the road and into a pasture. We were able to call their owners to get them back into their field.

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