Monday, September 19, 2011

Sumner Egg Festival Competition

This week has been a flurry of activity and this weekend was no exception. Justin loaded up his smoker and an entire truckload of stuff and headed over to Sumner, GA for the Sumner Egg Festival.


This one was only his second competition. After last time, I told Justin I didn’t enjoy it and wouldn’t be sad if he decided not to do any more. To be fair, he asked me to give it one more shot since last time, he was on the disabled list. It was only two weeks after shooting his hand and I was almost eight months pregnant.

Needless to say, this time was much better. Wyatt was so good and it was neat to think the last time we had a competition Wyatt wasn’t around. I had a fabulous time! Justin did almost everything by himself this time (with a little help from his dad). He made the sauce, shopped for everything, loaded and unloaded everything in his truck and even set up his site completely on his own.

photo (3) photo (1) photo

Because he did all of this own his own, I am even more proud of him and the fact that he got

6th place in pork loin,

4th place in pulled pork, and

7th place overall

out of 20 teams!


This is amazing considering this was only his second competition!

Even better than all that? I have plenty of ribs and barbecue for lunch at work this week- WIN!

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Amy said...

I was "googling" my own festival and came across your post!! Goob did great last year and we hope to see you (all three) back this year!!!