Friday, September 23, 2011

Sick little one

Poor Wyatt had such a tough time this week. I was having a really hard time getting him to eat on Tuesday night. Wednesday he was just fussy and wouldn't stop crying unless I was up walking around with him. After a few Google searches I decided that he was teething and that it was going to be a long hard while with a whole set of teeth to come in. I sent him to daycare on Thursday armed with teething rings, tablets, gel and instructions with the ladies there to call if he got too fussy. Around 10, Mrs. Linda called and said she had dealt with plenty of teething babies and what he was going through seemed much worse. My SIL Amanda brought Wyatt on to Tifton and I got him in to see the pediatrician right away. Long story short, my little one has a double ear infection. We have spent the past day and a half loading up on antibiotics, Tylenol, and ear drops. He ate a whole bottle for the first time tonight and I was almost weeping with joy when he finally breastfed for the first time in three days. That was how I knew he was really feeling better and it didn't hurt his ears to lay down to eat any more. We will see how the rest of the weekend goes but hopefully we are on the upswing. I just feel helpless when my little one is sick!

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