Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Randomness

I have had a crazy week and it seems like I have the rest of my weekends already planned out through the end of October. I’ve had some fun stuff going on in our house lately and since none of them really deserve an entire blog post on their own, I figured I’d throw them all together.
Justin and I got a Sling adapter for our Dish Network DVR. I’m not sure of the whole technological process but I do know we can watch our recorded shows, set up the DVR to record, browse the guide, and even control the DVR on the television
How awesome is that?!?!
abc abdc
When Justin called to ask a few questions, the sales person must have really liked us. He waived the $99 for the sling adapter AND saved us $10 per month on our bill.
Also, my Google Reader and Twitter feeds are blowing up about the Erin Condren Life Planners. I think they’re pretty awesome, but I have become quite reliant on my phone calendar. It syncs with my work Outlook calendar and is quite handy. But the appeal of a tangible {VERY CUTE!} planner is tugging on me more and more. The only downfall is that these beauties are $50 + shipping. They are bound by hand and made here in the USA but I have a really hard time justifying the cost for something I am just not sure I will use faithfully. I have found a $25 coupon code which is making me a little more amenable to the idea, but I think I might hold out just a bit more.
If I do end up getting one, I love the Favorite Things Life Planner. I have been thinking of my words and here is what I’ve come up with so far:
firefighter, wy-man, love, southern belle, honey, sweet tea sippin’, sugah, back porch sittin’, monograms, vera, dahlin’
I’ll have to let y’all know if I end up with one. Maybe I will get Santa to wrap one up for Christmas :)
Update on my hair: I am loving the dark color and the bright red tint seems to have toned down. I’m saving this picture so I can remember to go a little more brown/less red next time.
And of course, I can’t write a blog post without a picture of my bald-headed drooling baby! He’s getting so long so we’re pretty sure he’s going to be taller like Justin. He’s blowing rasperries, rolling around like crazy and just chatters all the time {I guess that’s the one thing he gets from me}.
Have a great weekend!

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