Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happy birthday, Aunt Suzi!

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On Friday night, we celebrated my middle sister Suzi’s


birthday this past weekend at Fat Daddy’s in Fitzgerald. Their steaks are pretty good and the atmosphere was awesome.

Wyatt turned FOUR MONTHS OLD (!!!!) on Sunday and it just amazes me how quickly time flies. I found out one year ago from today that our family was expanding and now I have a four month old. It still blows my mind.

We wrapped up Suzi’s long birthday weekend (she says she gets a whole month, but she’s WRONG Open-mouthed smile) yesterday on her actual birthday with a great ice cream cake.

My youngest sister Sami is stuck in Savannah for a while because she works weekends, but Mama visited her for a few days. I can’t wait til she gets to come home again.

I know these updates are piecemeal. They’ll come together soon enough!

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