Friday, March 4, 2011

Musical Rut

I have been in a complete rut—musically that is. I can’t get excited about many new songs. Country music is letting me down big time. Spring is usually full of catchy new songs that I can’t get out of my head, but for the time being, there’s just one that I can’t get enough of:

Every.single.time. I hear this one on the radio, I picture Gwyneth and those crazy Muppets bopping around and Cee Lo’s Big Bird outfit and I can’t help but smile. So enjoy this catchy little tune and your weekend too!


Sami Mastrario said...

The following song is not catchy, but o so seductive. Must watch the video of "I wouldn't be a man" by Josh Turner here...

Pure sexy. Who could resist him?

And the song by Avril Lavigne "What the Hell" is funny.

Summer anthem is Luke Bryan's "It's a Shore Thing!"

If I think of any, I will let you know

Brooke said...

Try this song:

I dare you not to like it!! :) See you tomorrow!