Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Big Dreams

I have loved Vera Bradley bags since my college roommate got her first purse from there. I was never really interested in designer purses like LV, Coach and Chanel so the thought of $75-100 for a purse was outrageous to me (especially during my broke college years), but my husband and family members indulged me for Christmas with my very first Betsy in New Hope, complete with accessories. They are really well-made and are totally worth the cost.

I have become a loyal fan and can’t wait for new prints to come out every season. Justin and I were talking the other day and I said that one day, someway, somehow, I was going to make it up to Indiana for the Vera Outlet Sale.

Until then, a girl can dream about snapping up entire collections of her favorite patterns, right?

Here’s what I have thought about getting…if I had an extra $1200 or so!

Everyday Vera collection in Lemon Parfait:

Everyday Vera

(Vera Tote, On The Go Handbag, All in One Wristlet, Kiss and Make Up Cosmetic, Turn Lock Wallet, Card Holder)

Travel Collection in Twirly Birds Navy:

Travel Vera

(Hanging Organizer, Weekender, Garment Bag, Travel Cosmetic, Baby Bag, Large Duffel, Small Duffel, Laptop Portfolio, Large Cosmetic, Medium Cosmetic, Small Cosmetic, Contact Case, Curling Iron Cover)

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Bella Michelle said...

I used to be a devoted VB fan, but haven't really kept up much in the last couple of years...hmmm, maybe I need to check it out for Spring! Happy Tuesday!