Monday, March 21, 2011

From five to, um, four

As you are sure to know from my last post, Justin and I have had quite a week. He was released from the hospital on Wednesday and on Thursday we met with the hand specialist in Macon. From everything we read, we were going to see on of the nation’s most-respected hand surgeons. He really knows his stuff. As a matter of fact, he’s the doctor that used a man’s big toe to replace a lost thumb (one of the most vital appendages and part of what separates us from most of the rest of the animal world).

When we met with the doctor, I immediately had a good feeling and Justin seemed to be impressed with his bedside manner. After discussing the options, we came to the decision that was so hard to make: they would remove the injured finger.

We traveled back to Macon today for surgery and Justin seems to be managing quite well (PTL!!!). There will be some tough adjustments, but I think this is a small trial compared to what others have faced and overcome. I am so so unbelievably thankful for every blessing that I have been given!

Bless his heart- Justin was such a good sport letting me snap a few pictures on my phone for posterity. Here is a little before and after action.

photo (1)photo

He wasn’t flipping a bird in the second picture, he was just holding up his hand for me to snap a pic!

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Suzi said...

I'm so thankful that he's got a good attitude about all of this!! I love y'all so much!