Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Loot

It’s been a crazy holiday season with a lot of ups and downs. For some reason, I didn’t take one single picture, even though I have a super-awesome new camera. We had a bit of a scare when we thought we were going to lose our puppy girl, but thanks to a lot of steroid shots and some other meds, we get to love on her for a while longer, which makes me smile times 1,000.
My Nanny spent a week in the hospital with pneumonia and other stuff, but she’s at home finally and on the mend. We got to spend New Year’s Day at her house and came across some pretty neat stuff, including my great grandparents’ marriage license (from 1916!!!!) and really old family photos I had never seen before. My sister scanned this one of the three of us with our Poppy.
Doesn’t my dad look just like him? Mama says Daddy tells the same old jokes over and over again just like Pop.
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Christmas presents were nice, too! Justin got me a glider rocker and ottoman for our baby (BOY)’s nursery! That’s right---a few days before Christmas, we found out we are having a little blue bundle of joy, which makes me just ecstatic!
I also got a ton of other cool stuff. Too much really…I tell Justin we always make out like fat rats! He got a new grill from me and lots of grilling accessories. I think that brings our grand total of grills and/or smokers to 5 or 6.  That’s just crazy!
Hope everyone else had a good holiday. I’m so glad it’s over and I can return to my normal schedule for just a little while.

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