Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Elbow Grease and Love, Pt. 4

YAY for multitasking! I wrote this blog post for the baby blog when I realized it would be a great update to the “Elbow Grease and Love” series of the updates we make in our house.
When Justin first bought our house, this is what we were faced with in the guest room, which is now our little one’s nursery:
The walls were a non-offensive khaki color, but the carpet! Oh the carpet was just rough! That was the first thing to go before anything was moved into the house. We were so blessed to find beautiful hardwood floors that didn’t even need a thing done to them except to be mopped. Excuse the mess—we’re still painting trim on the doors and have yet to paint my closet door.
As we have begin preparations for the baby, we have painted, painted and painted some more with plenty more in store.
Notice the raw wood trim. I want to freshen up the house by painting all the wood trim crisp white. Painting window frames is like being in purgatory. You can see below that we haven’t done all of them yet.
The nursery got two coats of “Paper Sack” and the windows are set to be painted in the next few weeks.
When we get the walls and windows finished, I have to paint the old-but-new-to-the-nursery-dresser crisp white too.
More updates to come!

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