Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Nursery Update, Part 2

Sorry for you three or four folks that read our baby blog; this is another post from over there!

Justin and I have busted our butts this weekend to make a little more progress on the nursery. For the record, I STILL hate painting trim and windows, but it makes a HUGE difference in the room. We got almost all of the trim finished up, with the exception of the ceiling trim where we got a little roller happy and got brown paint up there.

We also made a big transformation with the big wooden dressers that we had. These beauties were left in the house when we moved in and the quality just can’t be beat! They have dovetail joints and everything. Unfortunately, the wood was just too much with the paint color and the wood floors so they got a nice new coat of crisp white and the hardware got a shiny new coat of silver for a swanky update.

They really turned out great. We have looks-like-new furniture with the same great quality from the way furniture used to be made. The whole upgrade cost us about $5 in paint for both dressers and $5 in spray paint for the hardware (which we’re still using on just about every piece of hardware, doorknob, and old brass we can find in the house.

And because I was doing fifty things at once, I took a “before” pic of the vertical dresser and an “after” pic of the horizontal one, but I think you might get the overall effect!

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Brandi Nell said...

This is looking FAB! I love that y'all painted the trim white! It really brightens up the room and your dressers look amazing!