Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Move over, Clark Griswold!

My hubby’s on the move. He spent yesterday in the arctic blasts putting up our Christmas lights and the local kids’ favorite part—our inflatable helicopter. We have literally had requests from one of the mamas who takes her little boy to the day care down our block. He’s been expecting Santa’s arrival in the helicopter since we took down the Halloween decorations.

I think he did an awesome job. We have those huge old-fashioned C9 lights so they’re big and bright and chunky…just the way I like ‘em!


I also finally got around to making our new stockings. I am not thrilled with them, but I did it without a pattern or really any idea of what I was actually doing. We will try round #2 of homemade stocking making next year when our little one celebrates his or her first Christmas!



jules said...

No way! You did a great job on those stockings! I love the cupcake fabric!

Savoir Affaire said...

You made those stocking? Woe. They look great! And besides, I wanted to say how cute your decor was! haha. The helicopter is just adorable!

By the way, I mentioned your blog in my latest post. Check it out here: