Monday, May 31, 2010

The Miracle Worker

Today, my sister and I repainted my mama’s patio furniture with a nice coat of Rustoleum. Unfortunately, my sister got more on me than she did the furniture:


I asked my dad for some mineral spirits or something that would make me less Incredible Hulk and more normal girl. He told me to pull out the WD-40 and it would get it right off.


It really is a miracle worker!


(Please excuse my Flintstone feet, as my mama calls them lovingly.)

He also said it would work on cars too without damaging your original paint job. He used to own a body shop and he knows all kind of cool tips like that! I tried it on my flip flops, but they’re so porous that it only managed to even out the green tinge (they were a khaki color). So now I have some new yard workin’ flips:

   0531001040a 0531001044

Sami loves the panorama feature on my cell phone too!0531001758

And to show I’m a preppy country girl, I wear my pearls with my plaid shirt!


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Stacey said...

I know that guy at the other end of your panorama picture...went to school with him!