Sunday, May 2, 2010

A fun weekend

My weekend started out a little slowly but got pretty busy pretty fast. Friday was a furlough day and Justin wasn’t on duty, so we were incredibly lazy and loved every minute of it!


Saturday night while Justin was working, I went with my Mama to the Valdosta Symphony Orchestra for her music appreciation class. While the musicians’ talent was incredible, the little old man behind us was making his own music by snoring.


Today, we went to Justin’s parents’ house to change the oil in our vehicles. I got there a little after Justin and found this when I pulled up:

 0502001419 0502001419a

Yes, that’s our 165 pound Skie in the pen Mrs. Desiree’s 5 pound Shih Zhu Sadie stays in!


We hopped on the golf cart and found some honeysuckle…I haven’t had that in years!

  0502001707a 0502001707b 0502001708

Skie liked it until we came up to the cows. I don’t think the cows liked her being so close either. She was entranced—she’s not used to being around animals her own size :)


Justin tried and tried to get her to go swimming, but all he was able to do was to get her to sit on the bank and lazily lap up water while our nephews and niece were fishing with my sister- and brother-in-law.


We had a great weekend!

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