Sunday, May 23, 2010



My husband is adventurous. He came across a recipe to make something called a “fattie” on an online forum the other day and I have to tell you—I thought he was crazy when he told me about it. He’s always quick to ask me what his last name is when I show signs of doubt about his cooking and I tell him, “I know, you’re a Cook,” and he really lives up to his name.


The concept is to weave bacon and lay out breakfast sausage (the kind that comes in the one pound roll) on top and fill it with apples, brown sugar and maple syrup. After that, you roll it all up and slow cook it on the smoker for almost three hours. Then you slice it up.


I wasn’t crazy on the sweet/salty combo (what was I thinking?) so Justin also made a hamburger version. I couldn’t be happier: Cheese, ground beef and bacon…it’s a proven success!


I love onions but no one else does so my sweet husband made me a small one with onions and our homemade pickles. I called it my “Fatboy Slim.” It was great! And after so initial reluctance, I tried the sausage version and it was delicious too! Even better than my hamburger version. It would be great for breakfast. You would have to make them up ahead of time and reheat them in the morning unless you want to wake up at 4 a.m. for them to be ready.

In unrelated news, Justin found some kittens under our back storage building. Skie was so excited to sniff the little one but she’s so big she scared it and Mow ran under a chair when I tried to get him to see it. Needless to say, we won’t be taking another pet in. :(


I also got this for my birthday from my youngest sister:


You can read her post about it here with even better pictures!


Sarah Ann said...

Funny shirt!!! :)

Mama Grits said...

I'm impressed! My husband's adventures in the kitchen involve attempting to deep fry a moon pie. LOVE THE SHIRT!!! Where did she find it? My friends are always saying "don't you dare write this on your blog!!"
Now following from Southern Mommas!

Sarah Cook said...

Mama Grits: She made it on :)