Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Southern Flourish

Southern Flourish

Rene at Cottage & Vine blogged about the new online magazine Southern Flourish and, whoa baby, what a find! This magazine is so perfect—they have a variety of topics from fashion to decor and cooking—all based in the South!

Southern Flourish 2

The premier issue features some great bloggers I have read for a long time as well as some that I have never heard of (but have quickly added to my Google Reader). They even have a piece from Sherry and John from Young House Love—I’ve read them since they were This Young House.

  Southern Flourish 3

Click on over to the first free issue and check out what you’ve been missing!

{All images courtesy of Southern Flourish at flickr.}


Bumpkin on a Swing said...

Great find, I am heading over now! Can we steal pictures is the important question!

Christi said...

Awesome find! Gonna check it out!

Rene said...

Isn't it great Sarah? I found out about it a while back and keep revisiting. That's what this blogging thing is all about, sharing great information. Take care, Rene

Sarah Cook said...

Miss Bumpkin,

I emailed you in response to your comment, but for everyone else's benefit, Southern Flourish encourages bloggers! See their page: http://southernflourish.com/?page_id=13

Sara said...

Great find! Thanks for sharing!!!