Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Oh Dollar Tree!

How do I love thee..let me count the ways!
I know I must sound like a broken record to my friends and family, but if they’re in need for some cheap-o stuff for crafts and parties, I send them right to Dollar Tree. I know some of you aren’t blessed with as great a Dollar Tree as Tifton, GA (the biggest and best I have come across in a 200 mile radius!), but give it a chance and you’ll find there are some things to be found there than come in quite handy in a pinch!
First off, let me shout out to Dollar Store Crafts, who I’ve mentioned before. They find the cutest things to create by using stuff from dollar stores, particularly Dollar Tree.
I’ve used clear plates just like these to decoupage for my kitchen. They turned out like this.
You can also find great cheap wreath forms for a plethora of wreaths like this and Spanish moss for your many crafty endeavors there. I have seen several ladies tackle these little “silver” platters with chalkboard paint and make cute mini chalkboards for their kids like this.
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DT is also a great source for glassware. It’s so easy to pick up five or ten vases for a quirky little arrangement for your bathroom or as a centerpiece for a shower you’re hosting. Just stick some blooms picked from your yard and you have instant decor! I am picking up some of these margarita glasses and using them for favors for a Monograms and Margaritas shower I’ll be hosting later this year.
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Another great thing about DT: They have started carrying acrylic serving ware! These are great when you need a nice little platter to deliver cookies on or to carry to various events where there’s a strong possibility of not receiving your dish back.946940   
The last thing I want to spotlight are these little round restaurant to-go containers. They come in handy when my sisters are heading back to college and want to take some of Mama’s home cooking with them. They rarely remember to bring the Tupperware back to Mama and that stuff gets expensive! This is a great alternative and they come in 3- or 4-packs.
Take a quick trip to your Dollar Tree if you haven’t and get creative! You never know what you can do for a buck!

*I am not being compensated by DT to write this post. I just love their stuff and want to share my thoughts :)


Suzi said...

I ALWAYS bring her tupperware back! :)

Julie (brown eyed belle) said...

I tagged you for an award today, lady!! Hope you've had a fabulous Tuesday!

Ashley said...

Oh I love Dollar Tree! It's my favorite place to get wrapping paper and all the wrapping accessories at Christmas! I go by at least 3x a season! They also have great every-day wrapping paper/gift bags, too. And this past Christmas, I stuffed the hubs' stocking with toys and candy from DT. I love love love it!

Kristen said...

Thanks for finding me! I didn't even know about TwoInTwoOut and always great to find a connection. Love the Dollar Tree, that's a great idea about the restaurant to-go containers, totally going to get them! Looking forward to following your site!