Monday, April 19, 2010

Shopping with Sarah

Welcome to Shop it to Me Monday! (But I have had to change the name due to copyright issues---eek!)I plan to spotlight a new online store every week.

This week I wanted to share about my favorite drinkwear, Tervis Tumblers. I didn’t realize that there were people out there who had never heard of them, so here’s a crash course. They are hands down the BEST tumblers you will ever buy! They don’t sweat at all! They keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold. The best part? They come with a LIFETIME warranty!
ShowImageShowImage.ashx (5) 
Here are a few of the cute designs I have my eye on for the summer time. Of course, they would be great any time of the year for a little pick-me up!
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Of course, I need to get one from my alma mater, Georgia Southern.
ShowImage.ashx (14)
And one from my awesome employer.
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Ashley said...

Tervis are my FAVORITE! We hardly ever drink out of anything else! We registered for 4 small and 4 big tumblers for our wedding, then went back and bought 4 more big ones with gift cards! We were also given 2 of the really big ones, monogrammed, of course. (I'm drinking out of one today!) Hubs got a UK one for Christmas from my sister, and it was literally his favorite present this year. We are NUTS over these things!!!

Sarah said...

We love our Tervis Tumblers, or Termblers, as we call them! It's great not having to worry about the hubby setting drinks down without a coaster!!! Fantastic post!

Carey said...

Well I guess I'm one of those few who hasn't heard of these. Perhaps due to the fact that I live in the middle of no where :)
Actually, I've been looking for some great cups! I'll have to give these a try! Where can I get them?