Tuesday, March 10, 2009

X Shot

Can I just say one thing? My bestie, Lori, and I are always getting laughed at because we take more pictures of ourselves than any one else. At our wedding, my hubbs Justin and his sister Amanda made sure they snuck in a "Sarah and Lori" shot before the ceremony. They say that's what we look like all the time. (They obviously didn't take this one!)
Here is said proof that we like pictures of ourselves:

But sweet Hubbs can fall victim to my picture-snapping ways. This was taken while we were on our honeymoon on a helicopter tour:

Well friends, I have found a solution to my problem: an X Shot. This little puppy is only about $30 and you can buy one at xshotpix.com. Pretty nifty huh? I should have thought of this sooner :)

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