Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I can feel it

I was browsing through the obituaries today (that's the best way to learn family trees in a small town) and came across this:

Mrs. X, died March 14, 2009, just as bluebells begin to emerge. Born in State on Date, she valued strong family ties, cooperation, equality, justice, and forgiveness. Her life was governed by the Golden Rule.

When WWII brought GI’s to George Field, Mrs. met Mr., a handsome soldier from Tift Co, GA. They married Date (over 60 years ago). While Mr. served with the US Air Corps in the China-Burma-India Theater, she moved to State, where she applied her aptitude for math at the Carnegie Institute testing metal strengths.

She was a natural educator. She read to her children as infants. She encouraged curiosity & persistence. She knew the importance of nature and enjoyed tramping wild areas to observe birds and wildflowers. With her guidance the family created exhibitions of seashells, geodes, fossils, arrowheads, toads and turtles. She enjoyed gardening and preserving what she and Jerry produced. Her family loved her vegetable soup, fresh rye bread, homemade noodles and pies, lemon meringue being a specialty.

I blocked out the personal details to protect the family. I never knew this woman. I really want to openly weep after reading this. I am sad I did not know her. She seemed like a great woman-- well-loved by everyone. I can only hope that when my time comes, I can be reflected upon with the same kind of warmth and respect.

Just a little ambition to get my life in line and live it to the best of my ability. I encourage yall to do the same. Make someone smile today!

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