Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Perpetual Kid

Hey yall! I was reading Ladies' Home Journal online today and I re-discovered an awesome site I have known about for several years.

Perpetualkid.com is an awesome site for funky gifts. They have some wildly inappropriate gag gifts too! I searched through their fun site and got some really cool gifts for my sisters and roommates last year for Christmas. I got several variations of the X-Ray bag including the makeup bag below and a fabric grocery tote. Check out my cool finds:

This would have saved me sooooo much hand washing time in high school. I was involved in every club and event imaginable! If I didn't have something written on my hand, people thought I was sick. Fortunately, smart phones have become more popular (and affordable!) so I don't have to look like a high schooler with notes on my palm!
This would be so cute on my desk. It would be a great conversation piece and is much more interesting than those standard issue paper clip cube holders.

I think this creamer glass is adorable! I wish I drank coffee or used milk in my hot tea. Sadly, I would use it that often and I think it would clutter our tee-niney house even more.

What fun! My nephews and niece would love this! Who didn't like to lick the bowl when their mama or grandmom was cooking. That was a big part of why I was such a big help in the kitchen.

Touche! This one says it all. :)

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