Wednesday, July 27, 2016


I was definitely late to the Snapchat game mostly because I thought it was for teenagers to send sexts to there boyfriends/girlfriends without the evidence sticking around. After my sisters almost drove me crazy to get the app for the crazy filters I decided I would check it out. We have had the most fun playing around with the crazy daily filters! Wyatt loves “snapchap” and likes to send the pictures to his aunts and uncles. I know this is just some crazy fad but I hope this blog gets passed down to my kids someday and I hope Wyatt and Georgia get a laugh out of seeing the crazy stuff we did for entertainment.


The face swap option was crazy. I sent these to my mama and she really couldn’t tell if the first two were me or Suzi. Sami’s was a little more obvious because of the bright red lipstick. I think it is so weird how similar we actually are!

IMG_8180 IMG_8181 IMG_8182


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