Saturday, July 9, 2016

Georgia Grown Trail 41/341

In April, our Georgia Grown Trail 41 Association had its unveiling of the official trail signs. This project has been in the works for many years now and with the help of a wide array of folks, it came to fruition. I am really proud of working with this group. Agritourism is very special to me and to see it positively affect companies and families I personally know right in my own county is so neat!
“The Georgia Grown Trail: 41 Association is a group of agri-tourism related sites promoting tourism on the Highway 41 Trail from the intersection of U S Hwy 341 and U S Hwy 41 just south of Barnesville traveling to the intersection of both of these highways in Perry, GA and all of U S Hwy 41 from the Barnesville intersection to the Georgia Florida line just below Valdosta, GA. Farm to table restaurants, wineries, you pick farms, and other agri-tourism attractions will be featured on this trail.”
Trail 41 logo JPGTrail 341 logo JPG
Trail 41 Wall map 6-4 bt v
The road signs are huge (some of the largest in the State) and very cool to see traveling down the road. Since I live right off of Highway 41, I get to see at least one or two every single day!
IMG_6881 IMG_6923 IMG_6924
Although we had the ribbon cutting for the trail and the sign unveiling, the signs didn’t actually get placed until I was on maternity leave. I was so proud to see my first trail sign “in the wild!”

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